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Woman Ruler Woman Rule by Elin Sand presents twenty-seven women monarchs spanning 5000 years, from Sumeria through the early twentieth century. Here are famous queenslike Elizabeth I, *Catherine the Great, Hatshepsut, and *Isabel I of Spainand here too are many unfamiliar oneswomen like: *Ungu of Patani, *Xoc of the Maya, *Nzinga of Angola and *Wu of China to name but a few. (See *contents for a complete list.) Their lives and times, their deeds and the hazards of rule are set down in their own voicesnot fiction, but a seamless blending of original sources.

To set a context for the first-person accounts, each chapter has a historical review which frames the subject and provides a bibliography for further reading. Each chapter includes two original artworks (
*artSand) illustrating the woman and her culture (presented in the book in black and white). A 23 page A-Z *appendix (here you can sample the letter B) offers a list of all women rulers, including country and dates, that the author encountered in her 15 years of research.

Riane Eisler, author of The Chalice and The Blade, Sacred Pleasure, and Tomorrow's
on Woman Ruler: Woman Rule:
This book is anantidote to the misconception propagated by most texts and classes that somehow, for most of history, women were not even there. It is a rich and fascinating resource, a treasury of stories about women rulers and the times they lived in.

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If a Hindu principality was vigilantly and economically governed, if order was preserved without oppression, if cultivation was extending and people prosperous, in three cases out of four he found it to be under a woman's rule.
Historian J.S. Mill reporting a conversation with an Anglo-Indian officer.

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